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Basic Things to Have in a Kid’s Closet and How to Shop for Them

Get the Right Accessories: Patterned Knots

Get the Right Accessories: Patterned Knots

Accessories can make a break an outfit. For kids, the main accessories you should worry about are Patterned Knots head bows, headbands, belts, and bags. These accessories can help elevate your kids’ outfit without adding too much stress to them and without making their attires complicated. When buying accessories be sure to buy the appropriate ones for season. For example, Patterned Knots can be worn in any season but in the winter you might want to switch them out for turbans or for winter hats.

Pick Smart Clothes

Whatever kind of clothes you are getting for kids are smart looking clothes. Kids spend all their time running around and doing other physical activity and the clothes they were can either aid or hinder them. Clothes also mean a lot more than we consciously think about and they communicate who we are to other people. As a parent, what your kids are wearing will be used to judge who you are. It will also communicate a certain message to your kids. Try not to pick clothes that make your kids stand out for the wrong reasons. Let them wear the appropriate clothes for the appropriate setting while also letting their personality shine through. So for example just because your kid loves being a princess does not mean you should let them wear a sparkly princess dress to school or to the playground.

Pick Simple Clothes: T-shirts

Kids clothes should also be simple. Kids really do not care much about what they are wearing so do not burden them with complicated clothes that might make them uncomfortable. Get simple clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Do not get shoes with heels or shoes that have slim tops. When you are just starting out, you can stick to one or two stores to get the basic kids clothes and get a handle of what you like the most. Do not get carried away with different kids clothes styles that might not be practical for everyday use.

Go for Sustainability

Sustainable clothing is happily becoming more and more popular as people are understanding the negative effects of fast fashion and mass production of clothes. There are human rights issues concerned with sweatshops and the terrible working conditions. It is also bad for the environment as fast fashion leads to tons of waste. Studies have shown that the average american throws away pounds of clothes each year and most of it just ends up in landfills. In addition, so much water and raw materials are used to make clothes which are then worn just once. Considering sustainability when shopping for kids is a good way to teach the young generation to care more for the environment and the planet.

Consider Comfort

Kids need to be comfortable at all times and so all their clothes need to be comfortable as well. When shopping for your kids consider how comfortable the clothes are going to be. Comfort means the clothes and accessories should fit well – they should not be undersized or oversized. They should be soft and cozy and made with breathable materials. It is best to get clothes made from cotton or linen or jersey fabric as they are the most comfortable types of fabric. Also get stretchy clothes that can take the tugging and pulling when your toddler is playing around. Try to get comfortable pants and tops that do not have zips or buttons but instead have elastic. Also get shoes with velcro fastening or shoes that do not need fastening. This way your kids can start to put on and take off their clothes and shoes themselves and become more independent. The absence of zips and buttons speed up the learning processes as it gets rid of that extra step which is usually complicated for kids.

Go for More Neutral Clothes

When you are buying kids basics, especially separates, it is important that you pick clothes that lean more towards neutrality and can be easily matched. The more neutral colors and style of clothes you get, the more versatile your child’s wardrobe will be. When you get a t-shirt that can be worn underneath other clothes or paired with other items, get them in pastel colors or neutrals and whites.

They don’t all have to match but they should be able to be easily matched. You don’t have to stick with one color scheme either. Just make sure the basics are versatile enough. In the summer you can buy more bright colored basics like in yellow, red, green and blue as this goes well with the season and will make your kids look smart. In the winter, stick with cool tones like navy blue and grey, and also white.

Buy Affordable Clothes

Unless you are a royal, you don’t have to spend a ton of money when buying kids clothes – especially basics. Kids grow very quickly and they could wear some clothes for at most 6 months before they don’t fit anymore. So don’t spend a ton of money buy expensive kids clothes. Also, do not buy too many clothes at once. You kids may not be able to wear them all before they outgrow them. When shopping for kids buy clothes that they need for that season and maybe for the next six months. Also, do not spend a lot of money on basics like inner t-shirts and socks.